DNA Activation is Divine Self Activation

A DNA Activation treatment begins by cleansing and balancing the 7 major chakras (energy centers) and any other high priority areas of the body.


Using Sacred Geometric Codes, I facilitate the clearing of subconscious energies and patterns that are preventing your well being. I then facilitate the channeling of energy from your Divine Self into your conscious awareness and physical body.


Throughout the treatment I pass along intuitive information from your energy field as it comes up. This technique restores harmony in the subconscious mind and provides practical action steps to further create harmony in your life.





What are the possibilities?

  • Improved Health -more energy and even doctor approved elimination/ reduction of pharmaceuticals
  • Increased Well Being through greater emotional balance and connection to the Divine
  • Loving Relations – clearing of toxic relationships and strengthening positive ones
  • Synchronicity – solutions coming to you with ease in daily life
  • Re-connection with Self Esteem and Intuition
  • Abundance of all Good Things
  • Clarity in our Life Path

Free Breakthrough Session

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A Breakthrough session is devoted to getting clear on your goals and what may be holding you back.  We will also see which program I offer that’s be a fit for you. These processes can be done over the phone or in person. 

Work with me

experience these Life-transforming processes

  • Auric Clearing
  • Deep Karmic Clearings
  • 12 Stage Activations
  • Prosperity Activation
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Energy House Cleaning
  • Breathwork Treatment
  • Cord Cutting
  • Vision Creation
  • Meditations
  •   Spirit Council and more.

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After months of pain, Afua, in one session, helped me identify the true root of my challenges.” 

M.S., Theatre Director

Wow, where do I start! I went to see Afua for a specific reason, I have done quite a bit of work on my self throughout my life and really came to a point where I felt that the few issues that I couldn’t seem to shake were something that I couldn’t logically fix or improve.

I had read and meditated and wrote and so many other things that I could physically or practically do but I truly felt that there was something to be done beyond my will.  I felt that I needed some change from the inside out and that was exactly what Afua did.

My sessions with her were easy and I could just let go and let be, what a relief. I seen incredible change probably a month after we were finished and I’m continuing to see it, it is exactly what I thought and my decisions are effortless now, coming more from intuition then ever. Thank you XOXOXOX

Candace E., Photographer

Working with Afua was a beautiful & life changing experience, on a soul level I was able to see some of the lessons I came here to assimilate, and truly face my shadows with courage, compassion and grace towards myself during the entire 3 month process.

A purge if you will, of all roadblocks & self limiting beliefs that were currently standing in the way of the complete embodiment of my true self, and divine path. Deep bows of gratitude flooded my life, as the very essence of my being felt seen and heard.

No matter the situation, I became more neutral and able to see the love in all situations & beings on earth. I highly recommend the complete makeover package with Afua. The DNA activations and time to integrate them in introspection were absolutely priceless. I am beyond grateful for our paths crossing, thank you sistar.”

Michelle Paul @_Sovereign_soul_

Before I working with Afua Tiah, I had a bad habit of doubting my own beliefs and intuition.  After experiencing DNA Activation I have a real sense of presence in myself, a strong core that is very refreshing.  I am quite satisfied and empowered with the new internal belief in myself.  I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to anyone who wants to experience positive changes in their life.”

DB, Professional businessman

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