There is a common thread that runs through all holistic modalities.
They all focus on accessing THE LIGHT WITHIN us to enhance our life experience. 
This LIGHT is an intelligence, wisdom, strength, and energy that is exists within and beyond the mind and body.
This interview series is designed to educate and empower, so you can enhance your well being from the inside out.

Addressing the 5 Reasons we get Sick using Sho-Tai

Kent Weir is an 8 year Sho-Tai practitioner. Sho-Tai uses methods such as reading the eyes and tongue, as well as advanced muscle testing to determine the body’s level of health, what foods to avoid, and what herbs may be beneficial for you.

In this interview, Kent explains how this modality can help prevent chronic ailments by addressing the 5 Reasons we get Sick. He also provides several practical tips so you can improve your gut health immediately.

For more information, to book an appointment and to see tour dates visit:

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Sacred Feminine Power

Emmi Mutale is an intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner and a shamanic Womb Priestess and teacher, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom. Emmi holds safe, sacred space for deep healing and transformation for women of all ages around the world. In this interview Emmi speaks of the amazing attributes of the womb. She describes how she reconnected with this incredible source of power and wisdom and how we can do the same. Emmi offers practical ways to tune into sacred feminine power on a daily basis and how this energy can balance masculine energy in our lives.

Free Gift from Emmi: You Are a Miracle Activation
This activation, a channeling from the Wise Old Crone, reminds you of your innate Divinity and asks you to step into your sacred feminine power. Close your eyes, place your hands over your womb space, take a deep breath, and listen.

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Heal with sound Vibration

Michelle Paul is a vibrant facilitator of Cacao Ceremonies, Women’s Circles, and Conscious Community Gatherings. Michelle works with several modalities including Shamanism, Usui Holy Fire III Reiki, and Crystal Healing, but is most immersed with the magic of Sound Healing Therapy.

In this interview Michelle describes how the vibrations produced in sound healing help “tune” the body and therefore aid in restoring harmony and resonance throughout. This can address physical and psychological ailments. Michelle provides several methods to immediately experience the benefits of sound healing for better sleep, for kids, and more.

Michelle and lots of free content can be found on Instagram at @_sovereign_soul_ 1:1 sessions can be booked through…

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Reconceptualizing Oneself

Dorman Baltazar is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant, Personal Trainer, Meditation/Yoga Teacher, Writer and Poet. Dorman’s transformational approach puts the individual in the drivers seat through personal accountability, appropriate action, believing in ones self, and trusting the spirit of God within.

In this interview, Dorman talks about how yoga and meditation transformed his perception of himself, the magic of the breath, and how he came to his current project – IBEE Inc. (Indigenous and Black Economic Empowerment). You will also hear the powerful mantras: the Millionaire’s Vow and the Optimists Creed.

Dorman is on Instagram @dorman.baltazar. Dorman’s podcast, The Soul Warrior’s Journey, can be found on all major podcast platforms. His book of poetry, The Journey Within, is on Amazon. IBEE Inc. can be found at

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Child birth with iREst

Roxanne Danberg is a certified iRest meditation teacher. Irest is a form of yoga nidra developed for the modern world. It is based on traditional teachings but delivers it in a trauma sensitive and a culturally sensitive way that is accessible to any person.

In this interview, Roxanne describes her journey to discovering yoga and Irest and how it led to her amazing birth experiences. She is now a doula who helps women and men with fertility, birthing and more. There’s lots of laughs in this interview and it ends with a taste of Irest.

You can find Roxanne on Instagram @roxanne.danberg.

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Reiki & sovereignty

Amanda Marie is a Karuna/ Holy Fire®️lll Reiki Master Teacher, and Sovereign Empowerment Guide that has committed her journey to the study of healing arts, metaphysics, and spirituality. Amanda’s personal journey of addiction, trauma, abuse, and being turned away from mainstream health practices, prompted her path of healing.

In this interview Amanda describes how the Reiki she practices varies from others and how to pick the right practitioner for you. The video also includes a short practice you can use to get centered as you watch!

You can find Amanda Marie on Facebook under Amanda Marie and Instagram @transcendwithamandamarie.

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Chinese Medicine & the 5 Elements

Kim Johnson has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for the last 15 years. TCM is a very specific type of energy work, able to access multiple levels of being, and has a long history of use. Kim is most interested in how the soul is evolving its awareness in every moment, including moments of disease or distress.

In this video Kim explains how acupuncture can address chronic pain to transform your life. She also does a fascinating deep dive into the 5 element theory and how it relates to the seasons, organs and the cycles of life.

Kim can be found on the Facebook page “Ethos – Centre for Health and Happiness” on Facebook.

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Food, Crystals, Reiki & Lifestyle

Charity Blechinger is a Culinary Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Healer, and Master Teacher of Usui Reiki. She holistically supports her client’s health and wellness through culinary nutrition & lifestyle coaching and energy balancing techniques to find the internal balance of their mind, body, and spirit. In this interview Charity shares how these practices transformed her own life as well as her unique connection to crystals.

You can find more information on Charity’s work, as well as the amazing crystal wand featured at the end of the video at

She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram @crystalbluewellness and “Ethos – Centre for Health and Happiness” on Facebook.

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The Land of Limitless Possibilities

Susan Rivest is an Energy Intuitive, Sound Practitioner, and Natural Healer through Source Energy. Using her signature process, the Land of Limitless Possibilities, she helps people shift stuck energies in areas of health, relationships, spiritual and emotional well-being.

In this interview Susan gives insight into the transformative powers of sound and the imagination. You will also be able to enjoy a mini sound healing!

Susan can be found on the “Bodies and Beings” Facebook page and Instagram @SusanRivest. On her website you can find free audio mini sound sessions.

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Soul Lessons for Weight Loss

Susan Pasieka helps people who have been battling with their weight, using her signature framework, “Soul Lessons for Weight Loss” so that they can lose weight without restrictive dieting and hours of exercise.

In this interview, she shares her own experience of de-programming from dieting and how she learned to feel emotions again after many years. Susan shares insights into the workings of the brain and how it influences our eating behaviour. She also provides some very practical tips for conscious eating.

Susan hosts a monthly “Let’s Change the Conversation” series on Zoom which is made available to members of her Facebook group, called De-Program from Dieting with Susan Pasieka.

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