transform your life

This is a personal journey that you can dedicate to the goal(s) you desire.The magical essence of Fire brings purification, transcendence and transformation.

We all have a fear of being burnt by fire. When we walk through fire unscathed our mind naturally wonders “what other beliefs are holding us back”?

The firewalking process helps us to break through limitations so we can we can walk through life in our power.  We all have had experiences in life where we felt “burnt”.

When we overcome these internal obstacles, we make space for positive opportunities.

A Firewalk Event includes inner journeying, identifying your goals, walking over hot coals, snacks and visiting afterwards.


These are the feet that walked on fire today, 3x.  These feet that were kissed by hot coals.  After today, nothing will stand in the way of my journey.  Thank you Afua Tiah, I am looking forward to the next Firewalk!  Maybe I’ll walk it 6x or more times.”

– Janet Andrews, Acute Specialist