Online Spiritual Wellness Courses

Empower yourself with knowledge and methods to align your life with the Divine!

For the Heart, body & Soul

You are invited to join Afua Tiah to participate in a Divine Self Activation each month.

On the surface, we are living in a culture that is continuously doubting the natural integrity of the human being. At the same time, human consciousness is ascending in an unprecedented way. More than ever, we are able to release the deep seated karmic imprints that cause struggle in our lives.

With these weights lifted we can create the health, relationships, abundance and well being of our heart’s desires.

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Be Sensitive not a sponge

If you are sensitive or empathic, this workshop is for you.

Sensitive and empathic people often have a habit of tuning into the energy fields of loved ones, co-workers, locations and collectives.  This can manifest as chronic fatigue, avoidance tendencies, anxiety, or simply an inability to enjoy life to the fullest. 

We discuss the mechanisms behind picking up unwanted energies, how it is affecting you, and steps to make lasting improvements to your well being. 

With the right tools you will be able to reinforce your energy field, have more energy and be able to communicate your needs in a loving, empowered way.

Sitting and learning with amazing people and the wonderful and knowledgeable Afua Tiah was both fun and informative.”

-Laurissa Fauchoux, Reiki Master & Life Balance Practitioner

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Your time will be,

when you make it your time

You ARE Creating our Life Right Now

Whether you Realize it or Not.

We are creating in default mode until we decide to consciously create. When we consciously create and commit to ourselves, the sky is the limit as to what is possible.

If you are not totally satisfied with the current status quo, why not take a step to creating fulfillment in every aspect of your life?

We will discuss what conscious manifestation (creation) is, how we are doing this already and specific tools for manifesting your heart’s dreams.

“Manifesting Gold was a life transforming, informative evening that really changed the way I live my life.  It gave me the courage to ask the Universe for what I want and to be open to receive.  Afua is a beautiful soul who makes these new tools very easy to understand and apply to your life.  I highly recommend this investment in yourself.

-Melissa Haas, Light Seeker, Mother, Grandma

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Time for a deep cleaning?

Cleansing and energizing the energy of your home can support:
* Mental clarity
* Emotional ease
* Spiritual attunement                                                                    * Harmonious relations

Included in this workshop is:

> Multiple methods to cleanse and bless the energy of your home and workspace
> Techniques applicable for practitioners bringing clients into a space
> We will use consciousness to cleanse your home in real-time during this event

How much is your business worth to you?

This is a relaxed afternoon for you to clear your mind of all other distractions and get clear on your business goals.

We will:
> Create Big Visions
> Make Tangible Strategies
> Utilize the Tools of Conscious Creation
> Connect with Fellow Entrepreneurs

This workshop is available to business owner’s whether you have been at it for years now, if you have a new business, or if you are at the conception point of your business.

It’s amazing how our business can flourish when we put together a plan, and even more so when we align our heart and mind with these goals.

Nourish your soul

Request a circle(s) for a group of your women friends.  Learn how to hold safe space as you grow through reflection and expression.

Topics include:

  • Femininity
  • Shadow Self
  • Money
  • Visions for the Future
  • Intuition
  • Sex & Sexuality
  • Self Expression
  • and more

“The women circle is a great way to communicate with other women about how we are unique but yet, still all so similar. Offering a safe place for other’s to tell their stories and knowing I could share mine without judgement was great. Afua had great topics that need to be discussed more among everyone. I really enjoyed it.”