30 Days of Divine Self Activation

Here is your opportunity to devote 30 Days to allow  high level Energy and Information and align your LIFE with your Divine Self.

This online course is designed specifically for everyday people wanting to upgrade their Well Being, Intuition and Conscious Manifestation Abilities.

Imagine what would happen if you aligned your body, relationship, finances and livelihood with the Wisdom of the Divine?

What would happen if you were so tuned into your intuition you were applying it consistently everyday?


You only need 20 minutes a day to make this transformational shift in your life.


What’s included?

  • 14 x Divine Self Activations
  • 8 x Conscious Talks
  • 4 x Mindful Movement Sequences
  • 4 x Meditations

This course is designed to be taken in 30 days. However, video downloads are available in case you miss a day and so you can go back to revisit material at any time.


Launch Date: February 2021


Contact me to be the first to receive sign-up details.  Use the subject line: 30 Days of Divine Self.