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deepen your Spiritual Journey

I was guided to Spirit Warrior Training at the right time in my life. The course was everything that I was searching for and more!

Afua created a safe and caring place as she guided me through my healing journey. She showed me how to create a deeper connection with myself by looking within for the answers and by listening to my guides.

Spirit Warrior Training with Afua has changed my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for more.”

– K.G., Course Graduate






Is this Course for you?

  • Do you have a problem(s) in your life and you know the only way to truly solve it is to go deep into your heart and soul?
  • Are you ready to shed self-sabotaging patterns at their root?
  • Are you consistently thrown off balance by the energies of others and want to grow strong in your own Power?
  • Do you want to understand the energy that Energy Healers use to balance the body?
  • Do you see signs of a Deeper Level of Existence, but you’re not sure how to Explore your Spiritual nature?


Your answer is here:


Spirit Warrior Training is your guided journey to:

  • Embrace the healing of your Heart
  • Increase the clarity of your Intuition
  • Feel connection to your Spirit Guides
  • Unlock keys within your Past Lives
  • Practice Psychic Self Defence to help you stay balanced in any situation
  • Use your Manifestation abilities to create the Life you truly Deserve
  • And So much more!


This personalized Course is divided into 4 modules:

  1. Know Your Self
  2. Arising from the Past
  3. Divine Present Self
  4. Your Golden Future


Feel the calling?

Request a Free Breakthrough Session to get clear on your goals and get started on your personal course. 


A Spirit Warrior is someone who has embraced and empowered their Inner Self (Spirit)” 

J.R., Course Graduate





Feel the calling?

Request a Free Breakthrough Session to get clear on your goals and get started on your personal course. 


Trust your Inner Self

The main reason I wanted to be part of the SPIRIT WARRIOR TRAINING is to heal from past experiences so I could find my sense of self again. I knew it was right for me right off the bat because I felt growth and understanding. 

During the last 4 months so much has changed. I realized I am stronger that I think and have the ability to accept or reject negative energies around me. I have control over whom I let influence me in negative/positive ways.

Having had this amazingly eye-opening experience I have been able to grow in ways I could have never imagined.

I’d recommend SPIRIT WARRIOR TRAINING to anyone who needs clarity and direction in their lives.” 

– Y.L.R., Sales Consultant


I loved Spirit Warrior Training. My favourite parts were past life and spirit guide journeying. Spirit Warrior Training has allowed me to gain my power to journey through life.”

            L.M., Business Owner


Highly recommend to anyone wanting to dig deeper into their spiritual self!” 

Cindi B., Mom & More


Afua offers amazing guided meditations.  Her voice is very soothing.” 

Carrie M., Life Coach

I’m so glad I met Afua.  She is a soul sista!” 

Megan, Actor

Gain power From within

There comes a Time when we know Greater Forces are at work.
We realize that the Power is WITHIN us

To make Peace with the Past,
To enjoy Natural Health,
To manifest Loving Relations,
To create Happiness in Life,
To be Excited for the Future,

But there are so many Paths,
So many Questions.

“I just need a Starting Point
I want to get a Foundation to Understand the Power of my Body, Mind and Spirit,
I have Healing to do,
I’ve tried a bit of this and that, but I didn’t get anywhere,
I want to be Empowered,
I want to deepen my Experience”

Get familiar with several Metaphysical Experiences to see what Resonates with You
Expand your Inner Toolkit to get Clear on Your Way

 Spirit Warrior Training


Feel the calling?

Request a Free Breakthrough Session to get clear on your goals and get started on your personal course.  Small group courses also available.