Light Energy Makeover




Light Energy Makeover is a spiritual mentorship.

These 3 months will be devoted for you to:

  • Get clear on what is truly important to you
  • Clearing internal blockages and
  • Empowering you to create your heart’s desires.

What’s included:

  • 3 Personal DNA Activation Treatments ($525 value)
    These treatments will include Divine Self downloads and may include past life journeys, spirit guide connections, shadow work and more.
  • Psychic Self Defence Course ($99 value)
    A course specifically for Empaths and Sensitive People
    Learn how to Shine your Light without getting drained by others
    Video Course plus meditation and pdf
  • Manifesting Gold Course ($99 value)
    Consciously Create your Life
    Learn how you are already creating your reality in default mode and how to Consciously
    Create the Life you Deserve
    Video Course plus meditation and 2 pdfs
  • Email support over the 3 months

Plus these Amazing Products ($154 value)

  • Treat Your Soul – 3 month subscription
    Monthly Divine Self Activations
    Access to the full library of Divine Self Activations
  • Energy Anatomy Video
    This 30 minute video outlines the functions of the energy body, including the chakras and auric field. It is meant to be a foundation for the online courses and our 1:1 work together.
  • Manifest through Love – 14 Minute Downloadable Meditation
    You will be guided to generate love and share this with the Earth and the Divine. In turn you will be energized. In this elevated state you will have the opportunity to visualize your heart’s desires. Feel free to download this meditation to your phone for easy access.

And more…..

(Over $877 Value)

Your Investment in your Light Energy Makeover is

$720 ($240/month)



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