How are you? 

Are you feeling “off”?
Perhaps disconnected from yourself, overwhelmed, drained or anxious?
Do you care so much for others that you’re weighed down?

You are not alone.

Do you want something more for your life?
Maybe it’s to feel good in the work you do, experience a loving and nurturing relationship,
Or to grow and expand yourself beyond your current limitations?

You need to start dreaming big in order to experience it. 
And you need to let the “baggage” go.


If you resonate with any of these feelings

and want to experience the life you deserve,

you’ve made it to the right place!


My name is Afua Tiah.

I am devoted to bringing you tools for Health, Vitality and Spiritual Ascension.
I want YOU to connect with your true source of Power, Confidence and Trust in your Self.


When you are equipped with the right tools,

the desires you have in your Heart can become your Reality!


Our reality is a reflection of what our inner world is.  DNA Activation clears karmic imprints from the recent and far past & restores your chakra system to wholeness.  Clearing up the “baggage” makes room for your Divine Self to shine through you so you can create the life you truly want.


Empower yourself with knowledge and methods to align your life with the Divine!  Psychic Self Defence is for empaths seeking to reinforce their energy field.  Manifesting Gold is for heart-centered individuals desiring to creating their own version of a golden life.


DNA Activation

Still being held back by a past relationship?  Consistently feeling drained?  Still not feeling quite right possibly years after a surgery or sickness?  Want to resolve unsettling experiences from this life or another?  Feel like you are carrying other people’s “stuff”?  Want to draw in a new fulfilling reality?

My signature treatment, DNA Activation, focuses not only on cleansing and balancing the energy body, but actually restoring it at the fundamental level.  DNA Activation aligns your energy to the integrity and resonance of your Divine Self creating emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  This treatment is for you if you desire healing, resolution with the past, clarity on the present and future and a enhanced connection with your Divine Self.    



My continued sessions with Afua have saved me in the hardest times and engaged me to be my best in good times.

Personally, professionally and spiritually, I am richer for the work we do together.

I would recommend Afua to anyone who wants to have a safe, enlightening and enjoyable experience of self growth and discovery.”

Joel Bernbaum, Artistic Director, Sum Theatre

I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to help anyone who needs a safe space to go and experience a deeper connection with themselves.

Her positivity & calming demeanor made me feel very welcome that I was in a safe environment to experience what I did.

I look forward to unlocking keys to even more happiness through her coaching.”

Tusia Black, Senior Sales, ICR Commercial Real Estate

Why Work with me?

We, human beings, have so much potential to experience AMAZING lives full of Love, Health, Prosperity and Passion. I’m devoted to lovingly guiding my clients to be ALL they can be.  My intent is to provide the most healing and empowering processes, as well as teaching tools my clients can use as they continue their journey. 

What are you wildest dreams for an FULFILLING life? It’s all there for you. It is achievable. It is just a matter of KNOWING how to work your magnificent body-mind-spirit.

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The Light Within

There is a common thread that runs through all holistic modalities. They all focus on accessing the Light Within us to enhance our life experience.  This Light is an intelligence, wisdom, strength, and energy that is exists within and beyond the mind and body.
This interview series is designed to educate and empower you so you can enhance your well being from the inside out.

Treat your Soul


The Divine Self is the unconditionally loving, whole, and wise dimension of ourselves. All that is required is a shift in perception to activate this presence in our physical body and waking consciousness. Every time we do this, we align our vibration with this innate intelligence – in turn it transforms our lives!


Treat Your Soul is a monthly live event that is a great introduction to anyone wanting to dip their toes into DNA Activation. 


Meditations & more

Stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting videos for you to learn tools and tips supporting your journey towards Health, Vitality and Spiritual Ascension.

Everytime I have participated in something that Afua has offered, breathwork, 1-1 session, and on-line meditations, I always find this beautifully gently and powerful way back to myself. I believe it is hugely because of Afua’s innate ability to hold deeply nurturing and respectful space. The way she holds space is pure, and not only does it help you relax into the space, and the practice, but my own healing. I believe, my soul recognizes the safety of the space, but also, the deep honouring of and belief in my own journey that Afua carries as she facilitates.”

Roanne Kosokowsky, Mystical mother


Renewed Spirit Wellness Center

Melfort SK



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