Hi, I’m Afua Tiah

I am an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor dedicated to helping people create the life they deserve.  My passion is helping people understand the magic they have and using it to create their ideal life. This may be through a heightened sense of intuition, realizing they can heal their body,  transforming a relationship through inner work, or consciously creating their reality. 

My purpose is to be a living example of what I want to see in the world.  We can keep the light and love from past challenges and transform the wounds or heaviness into our strength. We can free up energy from unhelpful belief systems and use it to create new harmonious relationship patterns, natural health, and well being.  I know this journey isn’t easy and that’s why I’m happy to take people by the hand and make the journey full of ease and grace.   

My signature treatment is Energy Alignment and I offer a 3 month spiritual mentorship called Complete Energy Makeover.  I also have online courses and downloadable meditations for self-guided learning. 


My Journey

I began my journey of working with energy of the body-mind-spirit in 2003 when I had back pain with no apparent physical cause.  After using very simple energy healing techniques I found relief.  I was intrigued and began to learn more. 

I really became committed to experiencing the full extent of body-mind healing potential a couple years later in 2005.   I had been deeply impacted by a sudden violent attack on myself and a friend, and the surrounding events.  I was 21 and yearned to return to a place of trust and ease in life. I began taking course after course.  I became devoted to healing, strengthening myself ,and practiced what I’d learned with others.  This was just the start of my journey.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of clients work through fears and other inner obstacles to create sustainable positive change.  What I’ve noticed over the years is that we all have the ability to return to balance, often quicker than we realize, when we address underlying subconscious patterns and beliefs.  I’ve also observed that discovering our true potential is key to realizing our dreams.  

Coming to a place of wholeness and fulfillment isn’t just one thing we do, it is how we live our life.  My current focus is empowering women and men to guide themselves to live the life of their dreams. I teach practical spiritual applications to strengthen intuition and consciously create.  I also love seeing my clients make breakthroughs during 1:1 Energy Alignment sessions. 

At the moment, I am foremost a mother to four girls aged 18, 16, 6 years and 1.  My girls continue to be the greatest teachers in my life through the fun times and the challenges.  My husband and I live with our girls on an acreage just outside a small town in Saskatchewan.


Why will you love working with me?

I’ve been told that I am:

  • Safe and Protective – I’ve often been the first person my clients have opened up to about difficult times
  • Humorous – Sessions take place in an relaxed atmosphere, where crying is welcomed and laughter is easy
  • Enlightening – Insights that have come through sessions often create moments where things just “click” with new understanding and awareness
  • Valuable – Clients often relay to me even years after we’ve worked together how our work is still impacting them in a positive way

“After months of pain, Afua, in one session, helped me identify the true root of my challenges.” 
-M.S., Theatre Director

“Highly recommend to anyone wanting to dig deeper into their spiritual self!” 
-Cindi B., Mom & More



My practical training started with energy healing: Therapeutic Touch (Universal Reiki Center 2003) , Pranic Healing, Energy Psychotherapy and studies in Clairvoyance, Kriya Shakti, Arhatic Yoga (GMKCS Pranic Healing Foundation 2005).

I gained a wealth of wisdom from Spiritual Leadership and Firewalking Instructor training (Sundoor 2006); it was about connecting spirituality with nature, the power of group healing, and “holding space” for one another.

Training in DNA Activation (Toby Alexander 2011) took my understanding of energy healing to a whole new level.

Life Coach Certification (School of Natural Health Sciences 2014) and Life Balance Practitioner training (Celeste Lemieux 2015) added depth and skills my one-on-one work with clients.  As well, I’ve been happy to become a Yoga Teacher (Yogacara Studios 2014) and add Mindfulness for Youth (Mindful Schools 2017) to my toolbelt.

I continue to learn through my sessions with clients, books, and most importantly through my own inner work.  I connect daily with Creator and the Earth for guidance on my personal life and professional Energy Alignment practice. 

Since 2014 I’ve facilitated group DNA activations, women’s retreats, firewalks, heart circles, and my signature Aura Flow yoga.  I’ve developed several courses from Space Clearing, Connecting with Spirit Guides to Spirit Warrior Training.  I currently have 2 courses available online: Aura Shield and Create Your Golden Life.  At the moment I’m working on creating my most comprehensive training yet.  A 6+ month experience-based workshop for infusing energy practices into your daily life while creating the life of your dreams.  Stay tuned in the coming months for updates on that!

“I loved past life and spirit guide journeying. Spirit Warrior Training has allowed me to gain my power to journey through life.”

-L.M., Business Owner

“Before working with Afua Tiah, I had a bad habit of doubting my own beliefs and intuition.  After experiencing (Energy Alignment) I have a real sense of presence in myself, a strong core that is very refreshing.  I am quite satisfied and empowered with the new internal belief in myself.  I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to anyone who wants to experience positive changes in their life.”
-DB, Professional businessman


My Vision

We have the potential to experience amazing lives full of love, health, prosperity and passion.  The current state of the world signals to me the birth of a humanity more harmonious and in tune than ever before.  On a collective and a personal level we are experiencing the “labour pains” of this birth.  However, in the end, we will be creating the golden reality of our dreams. 

It does take effort and persistence.  I’m here to help you understand the workings of your multi-dimensional self (body, mind, spirit) so you can manifest your ultimate life into reality with more ease and grace.

It’s all there for you. It is achievable.


“During the last 4 months so much has changed. I realized I am stronger than I think and have the ability to accept or reject negative energies around me. I have control over whom I let influence me in negative/positive ways. Having had this amazingly eye-opening experience I have been able to grow in ways I could have never imagined. ” 
– Y.L.R., Sales Consultant