I’m Afua Tiah.

I am an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor dedicated to helping people create the life they deserve.  My passion is to see people experience magic that they create in their life.  This may be through a heightened sense of intuition, realizing they can heal their body, getting good at creating their reality, or transforming a relationship simply by doing inner work. 

My purpose is to be a living example of what I want to see in the world: retrieving the lessons and strength from past traumas, being an active participant in life (not the victim), creating new harmonious relationship patterns, and experiencing natural health and well being.  I know this journey isn’t always easy and that’s why I’m happy to take people by the hand and make the journey much easier.   


My signature treatment is Energy Alignment, I have a monthly membership for navigating the turbulence of the awakening journey, and I interview guests to provide resources and tools for wellness from the inside out.

My Vision

I believe that we, as human beings, have so much potential to experience AMAZING lives full of Love, Health, Prosperity and Passion.

It’s simply a matter of:
1) Bringing awareness to internal obstacles and
2) Embracing tools that WORK FOR US to manifest our ultimate life into being.

It’s all there for us. It is achievable. It is mostly a matter of KNOWING how our magnificent body-mind-spirits work.

My Journey

I began my journey of working in the unseen realms (specifically Pranic Healing)  in 2004 when I had back pain with no apparent cause. However, I really became committed to experiencing the full extent of body-mind potential, a couple years later, when I was deeply traumatized by a sudden violent attack, and the events that followed.

At that time, I deeply wanted to return to a place of trust and ease in life. Since then I’ve took course after course and devoted most of my time to healing and activating myself and others.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that we all have the ability to heal (often at an accelerated pace than what we might expect) when deep subconscious patterns are addressed.  I’ve also noticed that my clients realize their goals are more easily when they are reminded of their true potential.

Now in my one-on-one treatments, courses and workshops, I empower people through connection to intuition, practices that holistically heal and skills for conscious creation of one’s life.  I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the last 7 years leap through fears and create sustainable change toward their goals for health and relationship prosperity.

Why will you love working with me?

I’ve been told that I am:

  • Down to Earth
  • Safe and Protective – I’ve often been the first person my clients have opened up to
  • Humorous – Sessions take place in an relaxed atmosphere, where crying is welcomed and laughter takes place readily
  • Enlightening – Insights that have come through sessions often create moments where things just “click” with new understanding and awareness
  • Valuable – Clients often relay to me long after we’ve worked together how our work together is still impacting them months or years later to bring more love and light to their life





My practical training started with energy healing: Therapeutic Touch (Universal Reiki Center 2003) , Pranic Healing, Energy Psychotherapy and studies in Clairvoyance, Kriya Shakti, Arhatic Yoga (GMKCS Pranic Healing Foundation 2005).

I gained a wealth of wisdom from Spiritual Leadership and Firewalking Instructor training (Sundoor 2006), about connecting spirituality with nature and the power of group healing and “holding space” for one another.

Training in DNA Activation (Toby Alexander 2011) took my understanding of energy healing to a whole new level.

Life Coach Certification (School of Natural Health Sciences 2014) and Life Balance Practitioner training (Celeste Lemieux 2015) added depth and skills my one-on-one work with clients.  As well, I’ve been happy to become a Yoga Teacher (Yogacara Studios 2014) and add Mindfulness for Youth (Mindful Schools 2017) to my toolbelt.

That said, these trainings are only second to the invaluable experience of the inner work of healing and growing within myself and years of working with clients either one-on-one or in group settings.