WAs there a time when you dreamed of an amazing life for yourself?

Where you had everything you could imagine:
Passion-driven work, An amazing life partner, The perfect house, Traveling anytime you want, Feeling great in your body…….

Did you have thoughts like these at one point in your life and then you dropped them?

Were you told that you have to be realistic, you have to compromise, life is hard, life is a struggle?…….
So you let go of even allowing yourself to think about having an absolutely amazing life?

Complete Energy Makeover is for creating the amazing life of your dreams.

We start exactly where you are right now:
Life could be really messy right now: unfulfilling work, relationship issues, physical health problems, and more,
Life could be going pretty good, but there’s one area of your life you want to focus on, maybe it feels like something is missing and you want to explore that.

You Deserve to experience your heart’s desires:

  • Imagine feeling excited to get up in the morning
  • Imagine feeling healthy, strong and vital in your body
  • Imagine going to work and feeling that you are in alignment with your purpose
  • Imagine resolving past hurts and trauma that have been spilling into your present life
  • Imagine feeling centered and confident in yourself and your skills/gifts
  • Imagine LOVE being the primary feeling in your relationships
  • Imagine feeling freedom and peace inside 

Let me guess, You’ve tried other energy healing modalities?

Maybe body talk, reiki, access bars, something else? You may have even taken some of these courses?
If you haven’t got the results you want yet, it’s likely
Because you weren’t going deep enough.  You haven’t been empowered to be an active participant in changing your life.


We are going to do this differently.

* Some energy healing practitioners do the work for you.  Then shortly after, you’re feeling in the same place again. In my treatments, you will be an active participant. You will gain skills to be able to tune into your own energy field. This way, the answers you require are truly coming from within you, so they will have more meaning in your life. You will also gain more confidence in your intuition, so you can act on it more.  This will be key to shifting your life. This skill you will use again and again in your life. 

* My treatments also work from many different angles. This not only includes reading your energy field, it also includes receiving direct guidance from your Divine Self, consulting Spirit Helpers, journeying into past lives, addressing shadow selves and more. It usually takes a concoction of energies to shift deep rooted patterns.

* Some energy healing practices don’t go deep enough to get to the root of unwanted patterns. In order to get to the root, you may have to go into the depths of feelings.  I know that this can sometimes be very uncomfortable, but I will help you to gently and lovingly address the deep issues so they can be resolved.

* We are going to dedicate 3 month to get the changes you desire.  I will help you through the ups and downs of this shift, until you are solidly on you way.


The Complete Energy Makeover was well worth the investment. 

I learned so much about myself and the shifts I needed to make in my life.  Afua is so compassionate and understanding.  I enjoyed working with her and learned so much from her.

Charity B.

On a soul level I could see some of the lessons I am here to assimilate, and truly face my shadows with courage, compassion and grace towards myself.  A purge if you will of all roadblocks & self limiting beliefs that were standing in my way of the complete embodiment of my true self and divine path.

Michelle Paul @_Sovereign_soul_


I’m Afua Tiah

I’ve been an intuitive healer for 18 years, specializing in Energy Alignment for the last 10 years. In that time, I’ve helped hundreds of clients leap into their goals for health, well being and fulfillment.

After experiencing trauma, loss, toxic relationships and financial struggle myself, I have created a life of love, abundance, miracles and fulfillment by working on myself from the inside out.  I want you to experience it too.

Still being held back by a past relationship?  Consistently feeling drained?  Still not feeling quite right years after surgery or sickness?  Want to resolve unsettling experiences from this life or another?  Feel like you are carrying other people’s “stuff”?  Want to draw in a new fulfilling reality?

We all deserve to experience a life of grace and ease. The key to unlocking this birthright is to step into the power and healing of our Divine Self.

If you are motivated to create a positive shift within yourself, whether it’s your physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship health, your livelihood, or you want to make a shift within all of it, I will be honoured to be a guide on your journey.

Complete Energy Makeover

3 Months TO Change your LIfe

For heart-centered people ready to create the life they deserve

3 months will be devoted to:

  • Getting clear on what you TRULY want for your life.  You need to create a vision first as a focal point to direct your energy towards.
  • Restoring your energy field.  When your inner world is healed, balanced, and harmonious, your outer world will reflect this as your new reality. 
  • Empowering you with many new practical tools you can use in your day to day life.  So that you can continue creating your heart’s desires following the end of the 3 months. 

You will receive:

6 Personal Energy Alignment Treatments

These treatments will include energy readings, Divine Self downloads, past life journeys, spirit guide connections, shadow work and more.

Energy Alignment is my signature treatment that focuses on purifying and balancing the energy body at the fundamental level. 

Energy Alignment configures your energy to the resonance of your Divine Self to create emotional, physical and spiritual well being. 

Text/Email support for 3 months

I will be available to answer any questions and provide support with you weekdays through any ups and downs that may occur as you shift your life.

2 online courses

These courses provide greater UNDERSTANDING of the workings of your body, mind and spirit. They also include a variety to PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES for you to experience the reality you want.

Once enrolled you will have lifetime access.  See course descriptions below.


You will also receive these additional products
 to enhance your journey:

Energy Anatomy Video

This 30 minute video outlines the functions of the energy body, including the chakras and auric field. It will be a foundation for the online courses and our 1:1 work together.

Heart Creation guided Meditation

This is a bonus 14 minute meditation. You can download this and the meditations found in the online courses to your phone for easy access.



$1020 or $350/month for 3 months of Energy Alignments, support and lifetime course access.

Click on the button below to book a 45 minute phone call to see if this program is a fit for you.  Or message me directly on social media with the links at the top of the page

Each time I did a DNA session I felt more confident in understanding what was holding me back.

Amazing things started happening and I knew it was due to the experiences I had with Afua. I feel more sure of myself and took on a new opportunity without fear, as I now know I am ready and capable to do great things.


Honestly Afua, I can’t remember when I felt this good.  Keep the deadliness a flowing. 🙂

I went to see Afua for my first DNA Activation, I really didn’t know what to expect.  During the session I felt really relaxed with different sensations running through my body.  The next day I felt calm and happy.  The little voice in my head that usually spews negative thoughts about myself was more quiet than ever before.  What  a wonderful experience. 

Candice G., Acupuncturist

Spiritual Mentorship

In 3 months you can positively shift your life

No more feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or idle.

Through the 1:1 Energy Alignment treatments and the online courses, you will:

  • Clear auric attachments.  So that you can let go of the weight of negative thoughts and psychic energies that wreak havoc on your inner peace.
  • Cut unhealthy relationship cords.  So that you can move on from past relationships, improve current relationships, and work settings. 
  • Resolve karmic imprints and patterns that keep you in patterns of guilt, fear, worthlessness, addiction and more.  When you override these patterns you can start new patterns in alignment with what you know is good for you. 
  • Activate your unique Divine Self consciousness with in your field.  When you embody your Divine Self you become more whole and healthy and then you naturally attract similar high energy people and opportunities.  


Aura Shield

Reinforce your energy field so you are not exhausted, triggered, or swayed so easily by others.  This online course will be delivered right to your email – for sensitive and Empathic People who are open to the energies of others
.  Click the poster to learn more.


Create Your Golden Life

Online course for heart-centered women, who are motivated to create their golden life.
You will discover PRACTICAL spiritual, emotional and thought-based methods to create an awesome life.  Click the poster to learn more.

If you’re feeling off kilter or just in a funk, Afua is your girl.

Complete Energy Makeover was great.  As usual, Afua is great a very personable.  The activations with align you with the Source.  You will feel great. 

Kimberly H.

I have been great. 

In a better head space and not comforting myself with food since we cut that cord!  It’s seriously the craziest thing EVER.  In January, I ate junk food or fast food everyday.  In February, I only did once.  I don’t even have cravings.  Bless you my friend. 

tracey S., Admin assistant

Are you ready to make that Lasting Change?

Click on the button below to book a 45 minute phone call to see if this program is a fit for you.  Or message me directly on social media with the links at the top of the page. 

A Breakthrough Session is available for first time clients.  It is free of charge, yet valuable in and of itself. I will hold a safe space for you to explore what your goals/dreams are, what may be holding you back, and how ready you are to make a shift in your life.  At the end of the session, we will see if what I have to offer is a fit for you, and you can ask any questions you may have.