Guided Meditations

Many people have told me that they’ve tried meditation before and couldn’t get into it.  However, after trying one of my meditations, they found it very easy to follow my voice and style. 

I hope you find this to be the case for you. 

Meditation can be used:

    • As a self-care practice
    • For relief of anxiety and depression
    • To develop intuition
    • To consciously create your reality
    • To experience peace and elevated emotions

You can sample each track and press BUY to download on to your device to enjoy again and again. 

I have many meditations that will be added to this page in the coming months. 

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Heart Creation

Heart Creation is an easy daily 14 minute meditation that will energize you and align your energy field with your heart’s desires.

You will be guided to generate gratitude and share love with the Earth and the Divine. In turn you will receive love and energy. From this elevated state, you will be guided to visualize your heart’s desires. Visualizing your goals and intentions in a state of love and gratitude is the key to drawing in your desired reality.

Who will benefit: Beginner to advanced meditators

When to practice this meditation: When you want to focus more energy on manifesting your goals